Rose's Firebird Restoration - page 6


1/30/00 - Behind dash all painted (is this too extreme?). Cowl area is painted with 3M Weld Thru coating. Dash gets welded in next.


2/13/00 - All welded in place


2/13/00 - Right gas tank brace removed


2/13/00 - Brace area as seen from inside the trunk


2/13/00 - patch roughed in


2/13/00 - Old vs new gas tank brace.


2/25/01 - Sorry for the time between pics. The detail work didn't lend itself to anything photogenic

Here's the floor pans just about done - the spots are on the camera lens


2/25/01 - Here's the underside - I'll take a better shot once I clean the camera!


2/25/01 - next project - rear 1/4 with inner and outer removed.


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