Rose's Firebird Restoration - page 5


Right Firewall pan in - also note the patch on the inner rocker panel. Been working on the car but at this point the progress isn't dramatic in photos 3/31/99


Got the hole for the shifter filled in and all the small screw holes filled 3/31/99


Fixed lower corner if front of passenger door 4/3/99


Front view 4/2/99



Driver's windshield corner in 4/2/99


12/29/99 - Back in the saddle again! The corner was covered by a pop-riveted piece of galvanized


12/29/99 Lookin better now.


1/16/00 - Cowl repaired, too bad the dash covers all this work


1/16/00 - Side view of cowl work


1/16/00 - Dash test fitted in place


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