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NEWSLETTER              GTO Association of Maine

September 2012





President’s Message


Got a nice letter from Alan Woodman, in July, announcing some sad news that his dad, Albert, passed away this last November.  Albert Woodman drove a ’67 GTO convertible and was a member of GTOAM (#190).  He owned Woodman Jewelers in Sanford. 

Alan stated that his dad loved to show his friends and customers his goat and his GTOAM membership card.  He was proud to be a member of GTOAM and always felt welcome.

Alan and his wife, Joyce have maintained the GTO since 1971 and are grateful for the wonderful automobile that has been passed down to them.  They plan to continue as members of GTOAM.

That’s great Alan and Joyce!  We are glad to have you two as members.  Hope to see you and the ’67 convertible soon……How ‘bout the Fall Foliage Cruise in October?

GTOAM is teaming up with the Penquis Cruizers for our Fall Foliage Cruise.  Check out the details in this newsletter.

A Big Thank you to Susan and Fred Worcester who provided all the material for this newsletter.


Prez PJ



October 7th, 2012


Fall Foliage Cruise to Sugarloaf and the Stanley Brothers Museum


Who:  GTOAM and Penquis Cruizers team up for this one

Where:  Kingfield, Maine

When:  Sunday, 7 October 2012

Arrive:  Cruise starts at Governor’s Restaurant in Waterville.  Plan to get there at 8:45am

Note:  Join us for breakfast at 9am or anywhere along the way.  An itinerary is shown below.  Paul Johnson’s cell phone is 603-969-1156 if you need to hook up with us along the way.


9am    Breakfast at Governor’s.  Don’t be late.

10am  Leave Governor’s by going North on Route 104 to Fairfield Center.

           Turn left on Route 23S to West Sidney.

           Turn right on Route 27N to New Sharon.

Follow Route 27N through Farmington Falls, Farmington, New Vineyard and
New Portland.

11am  Meet up with the Penquis Cruizers at the Stanley Museum located on School Street.

Museum tour.  Should take approx. 1 ½ hrs.

12:30pm  Eat lunch in Kingfield

2pm    Head to Sugarloaf Mountain for some spectacular views.

4pm    Head for home.  North bounders might want to take Route 16E back to North Anson, to Route 8 to Norridgewock, to Route 139 to Fairfield.  South Bounders might just follow Route 27 all the way back to Augusta.


OVERNIGHT OPTION:  You may consider spending the night and having a two day foliage tour.  Leaving Kingfield via Route 16W and then right on Route 17 through Rangeley is even more beautiful than Route 27.  You’ll want to stop at Swift River Falls just North of Mexico/Rumford. Lodging is $79.00 (plus tax) at the Herbert Grand Hotel.   This is a very old and very cool hotel in downtown Kingfield.



Our Most Recent Event



(in a round about fashion)

by Fred Worcester


Where in heck has the summer gone? I hope you have had your GTO's out there. We have – just as often as we could. We were up in the county to the annual 3 day indoor Car Show at the Forum. This lady came over to talk and I remembered talking to her up at the car show in Limestone some years ago. Nice lady to talk to and she has a real Judge - no, no, no, not from the court house – a real GTO Judge. We sent her an application to join GTOAM.

Sunday when the show finished up and we headed home the sun was shining brightly. When I got on interstate 95 I thought, hmmm, Speed Limit is 75 up that way. So I figured the ride to Medway would blow the carbon out of the GTO. (The wife says, "What Carbon?") Well, I kept it about 4200-4400 RPMs; speedometer was reading about 80+; all the Gauges looked good. I stopped in Medway to use their facilities plus the old Goat was thirsty and so was I. A Diet Coke and a full tank of gas and off I go with my Coke and….no cup holder? When I got home and unpacked I checked the oil and it was down about a pint. I thought maybe I drove it a little too hard. Hard is OK, crazy isn't. I put it on the lift and put the lift up to give room for another car. A couple days later I was working there and noticed the header looked black. Checking it out I found where my oil went. The oil was baked on the header. The oil filter housing had loosened up some and so I tightened it up, used my big electric wire brush, and cleaned the header up and painted it and it was good to go.


Sunday (I'm finally getting to the get together at Mike’s) I dropped her down and packed up, asked the wife if she wanted the top up. She said no so off we went. About 2 miles from the house I noticed it didn't shift into 3rd gear. I stopped and shifted it manually and something wasn't right. So we turned around and back we go and back up on the lift. Ah, the vacuum line had popped off. So I cut the end off and reconnected it. Back down and off we go again. This time I shifted it manually and when I shifted up we got a big chirp and we were on to the GTOAM get together. We had good directions and had no problem finding the place. Mike’s ‘64 GTO was parked out by the road along with his red ‘06 and Jim Turner’s 70 GTO Judge.

And there it was!!! The Big Garage!!! What a sight! Mike and Vicky were there to meet us and to make sure we took our shoes off before going in (only joking!). I couldn't believe Mike had lied to us. It wasn't good like he said. It was great! Awesome!! Wow!!! Like something out of a magazine. Mike and Vicky, what a nice building you have there. You deserve to be proud of it.

Soon after we arrived our Prez with his wife Julie arrived. Paul said his car didn't seem to be running right. After we had eaten, I screamed, we screamed, and we all screamed for "ICE-CREAM". So off we went to see Fast Eddie’s for some Ice Cream. As we arrived and were parking in the grass Paul's GTO had a fit. It kept stalling and kicking out black smoke. Wow, we weren't in the right place to take anything apart. So he figured if he kept it up to speed it should get them home. (We called after we got home and they were home but it wasn't a great trip. I'm sure Paul will have it purring again soon.) It was great day visiting with everyone. Thank you, Mike and Vicky, for having us and for the ice cream. We loved your garage and all the memorabilia things. It was nice to see everyone there. We have some great friends in GTOAM even though we don’t get to see you often. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a great rest of the 2012 cruising season. Maybe we’ll see you at the Fall Cruise!


PS…Here are the minutes of the official meeting held during the ice cream session:

We decided that GTOAM would join the Penquis Cruizers for a fall cruise. That really means that the GTO folks will meet the Cruizers at a location to be identified in another article in this newsletter and enjoy the sights and lunch together. And the Worcesters agreed to do the next newsletter. And the meeting was adjourned.


And here are a few pictures of Mike and Vicky’s new Castle:





Visitors to the new King Castle! Yep…even the John Deere drove in to check it out!  Paul calls this: “Traffic Jam in Farmingdale”



Here we are at Fast Eddie’s….before the ice cream!




(We apologize that we didn’t get pictures of the “office chair race” before lunch but the racers were off and running and the event was over before anyone could get to a camera! Congrats to Jim Turner who emerged…..the winner!)


AND….here’s Paul’s account of the trip home from the Castle Tour:


Julie and I made it home OK.  It was a tiny bit interesting though.  I either needed a hand-operated emergency brake (European/Japanese cars) or a third leg.  Because I needed one foot on the gas at all times to keep it from stalling; One foot to step on the brake; and One foot to push in the clutch.  But we got it done with minor issues.

            Plenty of things were/are wrong:

 1.  Float sticking ( really bad!  fuel was spilling over into the secondaries.  I probably was getting 3 miles per gallon on the ride home)

2.  Vacuum hose had a crack

3.  PVC valve stuck shut  (I bet I've checked this 100 times and it was always fine)

4.  I just discovered today that my electronic ignition is only half installed.  I don't know how the car was even running.

            Details:  I have the Pertronix electronic ignition.  If you don't know anything about this setup,  the beauty of Pertronix is that you use your existing distributor cap and rotor, so everything appears to be stock.  What you do is remove the points and condenser.  You install the Pertronix module where the points were installed.  You then install a ring containing eight magnets under the rotor so that the ring rotates above the module and provides the timing signal

          Well, I pulled the distributor and rotor off today and there's no ring there.  I installed this many years ago so I was second guessing myself and I wasn't quite sure that it was missing.....maybe it was installed somewhere else and I just don't remember.  NO.  It is missing!  I can't believe that the car runs.  It must be guessing at the timing, Wow!

            I think I remember that my mechanic replaced the rotor a couple of years back and must of been confused what this ring is for.  He must have thought: "Just put the rotor back together and heck it runs....I guess you don't need that ring".  Come to think of it, performance has been suffering for quite some time (Imagine that).

            I did have a spare.  I put it in and the car purrs just like the old days.  Life is good again!


(We are guessing by this time the car is up and running and Paul has road tested it and assured Julie that the NEXT trip will be far less eventful!)


               On September 29th the 2012 FIREBALL RUN will end their adventure in Bangor. They begin their trip in Independence, Ohio. The only other stop in Maine is in Ogunquit. The entire event will be streamed “live” on the internet. Just go to www.fireballrun.com/2012/northern-exposure. Here’s a little more information about the annual event from the website:


Taking place Friday, September 21 through Saturday, September 29, 2012, the Fireball Run Adventurally Series is an action packed, one week, 2,500 mile challenge to support the search for missing children. Coming to a close in Bangor, the mission and destination-based rally is filmed for broadcast and annually released on home video.

The entire series benefits the Race to Recover America's Missing Children -- the country's largest and longest "active recovery effort" for missing and abducted children. Each participating team represents a missing child from their home region with a mission to distribute over 1,000 posters during the 15-city, 2,500-mile adventure.








You just never know where you are going to encounter GTOAM members! The Worcesters were attending an 80th birthday celebration for a former basketball and baseball coach of Penquis Valley High School and the now defunct Brownville Junction High School when a name tag rang a bell with Susan. After the program was over, Fred’s GTO T-shirt drew the attention of club member Andy Yeager (it was his wife, Carol, with whom Susan chatted earlier). The Yeager’s live in Aroostook County so don’t get to participate in club events. Also, they had been teachers in the Penquis system back in the 70s – when the honored coach was working there and Susan was a relatively new teacher to the district. Nice to have a chance to chat with Andy and Carol! It doesn’t matter WHERE you drive those old Goats just as long as you have ‘em on the road!





Rilda & Louis Burgoine – Woodland – 69 Judge Convertible


Clyde & Twyla Watson – 67 GTO




Are you up-to-date?

Please, if you haven’t paid your 2012 dues yet send your check of $10.00 (or $20.00) for two years. If you are unsure if your membership is current, just check the GTOAM roster at the end of this newsletter to see if you have “2012” under “Status”.  Remember this is our only source of income other than the sale of tee shirts and hats. In saying that lets try to gain new members.  Remember we accept any and all Pontiacs not only GTOs.  And we welcome any and all new members that have an interest in Pontiacs.  You don’t even have to own a car to join.


Embroidered Shirts and Hats!!!

Shirts are $25

Hats are $15

Add $3 per order for shipping.

Lots of colors in stock

Rose is the contact for these. 563-5824

Rose Huntington

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7 October:  Our Foliage tour





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