East Branch Sno-Rovers & ATV Club 


About Us



We are a snowmobile club located in Medway (and East Millinocket), Maine, the heart of some of the best snowmobiling in the country. Miles of scenic groomed trails wind their way throughout the beautiful north Maine woods.

The East Branch Sno Rovers clubhouse began in 1972. It is located along the banks of the of the east branch of the Penobscot River between Medway and East Millinocket, Maine.


Contact Information

East Branch Sno-Rovers & ATV
PO Box 296
Hathaway Road
Medway, Maine 04460

Club Officers

  • President John Farrington
  • Vice President Jamie Duquette (ATV) & Kenny Osborne (Snowmobile)
  • Treasurer Linda Heinzelman
  • Secretary Pauline Hanley
  • Membership Donna Farrington (Snowmobile) & Sally Osborne (ATV)
  • Board of Directors Lee Powers & Rob Gilson
  • Trail Master Ossie Stanley (Snowmobile) & Assistant Trail Master - Bill Heinzelman (ATV)
  • Cross Country Trails Maurice Daigle