East Branch Sno-Rovers & ATV Club 


ATV Trails

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East Branch Sno-Rovers and ATV Club has approximately 35 miles of trails for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for a short 30 mile round trip ride for the family go north on ATV 110 from the clubhouse parking lot in Medway up to Soldier Brook and back. This trail has an alternate loop you can take on the way back to change it up a bit. Currently this trail dead ends but it’s a pretty ride for when you don’t have a lot of time or just need to get out for a quick one.

The Northern Timber Cruisers ATV Club is working on a new trail to connect from here to their  clubhouse in Millinocket which is expected to be open later this summer pending the building of a new bridge. Once this trail, KRMUT East, is complete riders will be able to connect to the existing KRMUT trail which goes west and connects to Wildwoods, Brownville, Monson and points beyond.

If you leave the clubhouse and head south/east on 110 the trail takes you to Mattawamkeag where you meet up with the Two Rivers ATV Club trail system. Once there you can head north on 105 to Sherman, Benadicta, Island Falls, Patten and all the way to Fort Kent if you’re adventurous. If you head south on 66 you go towards Winn, Lee, Lincoln and Springfield where you can connect to trails heading towards Grand Lakes Stream and Machias.

New this year is a local trail behind the businesses and homes on RT 157 and RT 116 that gives access to Powersville Road and also is an access route on 116 to get to Noah’s Ark restaurant. This trail dead ends at the end of Powersville Road and at Noah’s Ark. There is no access to the Junior Mack Road which does not allow ATVs.