1977 TA Engine Detail


1977 Bandit TA - purchased 7/19/00 - 77, 497 miles, May-June 2001. I wanted to remove the dual quads so I could go back to a shaker. The motor supposedly had solid lifters (didn't) and I wanted to improve the vacuum at idle (lost power brakes in traffic) so I decided to replace the came at the same time.


Memorial Day 5/28/01. Ripped it down and took the cam out.

Tues 5/29 - Ordered everything major from Ames and Performance Years

Wed 5/30 - Sandblasted and primed all engine components. Painted intake with high temp coating

Thursday 5/31 - Painted all the black componants


Friday 6/1/01 - installed cam, timing gears, timing cover and valley pan - primed engine

Baked intake and painted underside of intake


Sat 6/2/01 - Painted engine and top of manifold. Installed manifold and touched up bolts


Another shot Sat. 6/2


Sunday 6/3 and Monday 6/4 - assembled everything and took it for a ride


Other side 6/4


TA has shaker!!!!


Now if I can only get the original shaker for the car.


One last shot


These pics are from a co-workers very original 78 TA. Good for reference.


78 TA ref #2


78 TA ref #3


78 TA ref #4


78 TA ref #5


78 TA ref #6

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