The 66 is the Chieftess of the tribe. A 66 GTO convertible is the one car I'd have if I had to choose only one. This car was bought from a GTO Assoc of Maine member who owned it for 14 years. He had a 283 Chevy in it that he bought at a yard sale for $35. He ran this motor for 10 years. He collected a lot of parts including a '66 (not GTO) block and tripower. Pontiac Historical documented the car as an original tripower 4 speed car - imagine my surprise. It's finished in original nightwatch blue with a blue interior. Jeff Shepard did the body work and paint, Butler& MacMaster did the motor, and I did the dirty work.


Here's the start photo - hood lettering is primo



Engine compartment - note the PS pump bracket


Interior all the way down.


Slight repair to the rear quarter


Rear 1/4 back on


On the way to Jeff's


Starting to go back the right way


Showing it's true colors


Some assembly required


Jeff at work


Lookin' better then the 283 did! (11/98)




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